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Foundation partners with organizations who are elevating impact in their communities, providing sustainable solutions and demonstrating a clear commitment to our core principles of Equity, Justice, Innovation and Growth.

The strength of Foundation’s chain of impact are the Impact Partners themselves – the organizations and leaders who devote valuable resources to actioning change in our communities. Our role as a local business is to go beyond traditional retail. We invest in our Portland community, we shape the way business can play a direct role in community development, and we empower women to make fashion choices that reflect the values we see as shared.


Total Donations to Date

Our Impact Partners

We have researched and carefully selected four non-profit organizations in whose mission we strongly believe in. Through our alliance of fashion and philanthropy, we aim to champion a wide variety of social movements in need of support.

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Hear From Our Impact Partners

"By partnering with us you show that you stand with us. Your model has inspired us by showing us the potential that partnerships have to change lives, and we will continue to promote collaboration and community as a means for building a more just and equitable world."

Kairos PDX

"The Foundation partnership had an affect on how we share our story by opening up our work to the customers of Foundation and those who are reached by the store. It helps us to share our story with new audiences, who may have never heard about our work before."

Adelante Mujeres

"Content is king these days, and via the Foundation Impact Partnership we were not only in front of every new person that walked through the door, but also garnered local press and talking points for our social media. Our entire platform was created to share stories and fund research, and being highlighted during the coverage of the unique Foundation business model was incredibly helpful in pointing to the importance of our own mission. Again, our biggest challenge is exposure and awareness, so the Foundation Impact partner experience was an incredible gift that provided both! We are so grateful!"


"As a result of the Foundation's Impact Partnership, we've been able to fine tune our development strategy, increasing quarterly and yearly goals to reflect our increased capacity to fundraise as well as accurately track funds through our administrative team."

Latino Network

"Every small act of kindness resonates with our team. Gratitude is one of the qualities we strive to instill in our KairosPDX leaders. We do this by leading by example and expressing our gratitude any chance we get. Your support is your testimony that you stand with us on our march towards justice! Thank you!"

Kairos PDX

"The Foundation Impact Partnership has helped decrease stress and increase morale for our staff and dedicated volunteers. Knowing that programs will continue, that funding is stable, and supplies are available allows us all to focus on our mission, and on the children and families when they need us most"

Children's Healing Art Project

"Foundation has a wonderful community presence and reputation; our partnership will allow both of us to leverage our individual relationships for common goals."

Social Venture Partners Portland

"We received a lot of positive comments from volunteers and donors who were intrigued and impressed by Foundation’s social impact business model and it generated a lot excitement and conversations about how the for-profit and non-profit communities can work collaboratively to address some of the issues facing our Portland community and ways to create social change together."

Store To Door

"The funds from Foundation were transformational. We were able to serve women entrepreneurs in our Cohort 3; deploy the pilot of our loan fund and make our first loan; and expand our services to serve what we believe will be 5x the number of entrepreneurs we were able to serve last year! We also brought on a full time staff member and merged with Women Led to expand our programming."