Founder | CEO | Philanthropic Reach

If I had written a personal manifesto as a child, two themes would still very much hold true today at the heart of my current endeavors: optimism and a voracious appetite to experience all that life has to offer.

Through my experience as an attorney, business woman, non-profit advocate, world citizen and mom (maybe, especially, through the last three titles), that optimism has transformed into a mission, excitement and readiness to help grow the social responsibility movement in the world, by growing it in size here in Portland, believing deep down that we can each make a difference, one step and one action at a time. I believe if we make a decision to judge the size less, we will consistently do more.

Today, Foundation merges two of my passions — philanthropy and fashion — to create both a cause and a destination for you here in Portland. A boutique that stands as much for ease, fashion-forward style and elegance, as it does for a direct and immediate ability to be the change we want to see in the world.

Welcome to the place where there’s a cause, a story, an idea, and a myriad of answers just waiting for you to wear them out…

Foundation: fashion +philanthropy ~ fashion with a purpose.


Founder | Fashion Profile

Style, for me, is a cherished place where rules come to rest. It is a language we can speak without words, radiating conviction and poise.

For ten years I have been working with women to tap and showcase their natural elegance and spirit through fashion; and the love I have for what I do is absolute.

It is no secret that the fashion industry is often considered vapid. And while I have always known that there is more to fashion than the superficiality for which it is so easily condemned, once I realized I was going to be a mother, this internal knowledge was no longer enough. I needed to commit to making the world I was going to be bringing a life into, better—actively and concretely. My path was still fashion, but I was determined to change what a career in fashion was allowed to mean and achieve.

Not a moment too soon I was approached by Holly. Seeking me out for my industry insight, she shared with me her vision of creating a platform where the simplicity of everyday shopping could be given the merit of something worth talking about. She wanted to not only empower women with the clothes they put on their body, but allow these women to empower others with their fashion choices. We combined our skills and created Foundation: where you shop as you always have, but give back like never before.

I have found my home in this amazing space where a love of fashion has the power to directly affect a quantifiable change — a place where beautiful clothes are simply the method by which we create beautiful progress. It’s fashion with a purpose. And what is more stylish than that?