Commencing in 2024...

Dear Valued Community,

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering loyalty as customers of Foundation | Fashion + Philanthropy. Your support has made a significant impact, and we cherish our shared journey. As the retail landscape undergoes transformative shifts, we've decided to evolve our offerings and business model to better align with the changing industry and further support our non-profit Impact partners.

Commencing in 2024, we are gradually transitioning from a traditional brick-and-mortar model to a more customer-centric approach. With more refined operating hours and a newly imagined 3rd-floor renovation, our new model will allow us to focus less on day-to-day operations and more on our paramount objective: fostering connections and community through fashion.

As part of this exciting evolution, we are thrilled to introduce initiatives that enhance your shopping experience and deepen our connections. We invite you to join us for private shopping parties, explore seasonal shopping boxes, and participate in engaging community events. These efforts will reinforce existing relationships and create opportunities for new connections within our shared community.

In addition to these changes, we are introducing a more intimate retail experience with various one-on-one offerings tailored to suit your preferences. Our retail space will feature month-long pop-up experiences, showcasing brands with values aligned with ours. Follow us on Instagram and visit our website to stay updated on the featured brands each month and enjoy a diverse shopping experience beyond Foundation.

Furthermore, we are excited to announce quarterly 100% non-profit events dedicated to one of our Impact partners' values: Equity, Justice, Innovation, and Growth. These events, hosted by Foundation, will bring local vendors together for a night of community-building, fundraising, and awareness. Watch for tickets, and join us in making a positive impact.

As we embark on this exciting transformative journey, we sincerely appreciate your continued support. We look forward to cultivating stronger connections, making a difference in our community, and embracing the evolving landscape together.